Debunking Common Myths about Solar Energy

Debunking Common Myths about Solar Energy

Switching to renewable energy sources has become the need of an hour. It can protect the environment by reducing the greenhouse gasses and dependency on non-renewable resources, such as fossil fuel. Solar energy is considered to be the most popular and effective source of renewable energy. There has been a great demand of solar panels in Adelaide and other parts of Australia. It can save energy bills, protect the environment, generate clean energy, reduces power outrages and much more. However, despite its growing demand, there are still some misconceptions associated with solar panel and energy technology. So, today, we will debunk common myths and help people integrate this technology to their homes and offices without any doubt. Let’s Get Started!

Solar Panel Systems are Ineffective in Winters or Cloudy Climates

This is one of the most common myths that need to be debunked for its optimum usage. Of course, solar panel system produces energy from the sun but they can still provide electricity on cloudy days and colder climates. New-age solar panels can fetch direct and indirect sunlight, meaning they can produce electricity on a cloudy day. They come with powerful storage batteries that can help you prevent energy outrages with ease.

Installing a Solar Panel System is Too Expensive

There is another misconception around the market is that solar panels are too expensive for homeowners because of installation costs and upfront prices. However, you can’t deny that it has tones of long-term benefits. You can leverage government incentives and rebates on the installation of solar panel system in Adelaide and save money. Plus, it can help you cut 90 per cent electricity bills and increase the value of your home.

Solar Panel System Needs High Maintenance

Solar panels are expensive and require high maintenance for long-run functionality. This is a mere misconception. In reality, solar panels are low-maintenance. They are installed on the rooftop or the ground and have no moving parts. They usually require occasional cleaning for the removal of dirt and grime accumulation. The best part is that new-age solar panel systems come with warranties ranging from 15-25 years, ensuring durability and reliability.

Solar Energy is Only to Protect the Environment

Of course, solar energy is safe and sustainable alternative to fossil fuels, but it is not just for the environment protection. Many people switch to solar energy because it can reduce electricity bills, save energy and increases the property value. It offers a viable and practical solution, which become more evident in the coming years.

They are Inefficient

Do you also think solar panels are inefficient compared to fossil fuels? This is not true. The fact is that new-age solar technologies have integrated advanced features to improve efficiency levels. They can convert sunlight into energy with 15-20 per cent of efficiency. When integrated with batteries and other advancements, solar power has become more reliable and super-efficient in day as well as night.

Wrapping up

It is imperative to identify the key benefits and facts about solar energy and debunk all misconceptions. This can help you switch to environmentally-friendly renewable energy source and encourage you to create a more sustainable future in South Australia.

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