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Looking for durable and high-grade solar solutions? At Solar SA, get top-quality solar panels, mounting systems and invertors. Additionally, we provide complete support through installation and maintenance services. To know more, please explore our products and services that we manufacture and offer with the help of solar experts and technicians with years of experience.

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Get versatile and modern solar power solutions for your home, commercial structure or industrial unit.

We manufacture and supply a variety of photo voltaic (PV) cell or modules for solar panels in Adelaide, SA. These panels have over 20 years of warranty and help generate direct current by converting energy from the sun. You can purchase the panels individuals or in sets of 2, 4, 8 and more. We can custom make and supply solar panels for large, medium and small structures without any hassle or stress.

Also known as maximum power point tracker, a solar inverters prime function is to help covert the direct current generated via the panels into alternate current for power usage. The equipment converse energy and help provide round the clock power. We manufacture an array of models of solar invertors that are efficient, monitor production, optimise of energy and do much more. So, get in touch with us now to know more about our solar inverters and their features.

We specialise in designing and manufacturing industrial-grade solar mounting systems with long shelf lives. The mounts are among the most versatile and customisable parts of the solar system. Thus, we offer a variety of them. You can get from us straight or slopped roof mounts, ballasted mounts, shingles and BIVP and many other options. You can give us a call and we will suggest the best mounts for your home or commercial/industrial structure.

We never encourage clients to buy solar products and get them installed without a proper assessment of structure and their requirement. We listen to what you have to say and perform an extensive inspection of your residential, commercial and industrial property. We will create an in-depth report with product and installation suggestions and plan. This assessment will help you prepare and understand the financial requirements.

Besides offering assessments for your solar system plan, we provide complete solutions for installing solar panels, mounts and inverters. We have a team of solar experts and technicians to manage small, medium or large installations. We can provide customised solutions during the mounting and wiring process for setting a system for your personal or business needs. After purchasing equipment from us, you can get the installation service at a discounted price any time of the year.

At Solar SA, we understand the importance of provide quality after sales services. Thus, we provide over 20 years of warranty on our solar products. Additionally, we offer technical support for trouble shooting issues and providing repair services if required. You can get an annual maintenance contract from us to ensure your solar power system remains functioning optimally and you can get maximum output from the equipment.


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Reduce Electricity Bills

Many property owners seek our assistance because they want to reduce their electricity bills. With a solar panel and inverter system, you can extremely low energy costs even with high consumption.

Use Clean & Green Energy

Instead of contributing to global warming and other issues causing harm to the planet, switch to solar energy because it is clean and green compared to other energy sources. With our products, lower your carbon emissions.

Increase Property Value

Whether you have a residential, commercial or industrial property you want to sell, upgrade it with our solar panels to increase its market value significantly. You can attract serious buyers willing to pay well this way.

Consulting & Technical Support

Need guidance before getting a solar system set up? We can provide the technical support necessary for the same and even schedule consultations with our solar experts to help you understand the benefits.


As one of the leading solar experts in Adelaide, we are passionate and responsible. Thus, we offer a free consultation session of 20 minutes to answer any queries you have regarding solar power equipment, installations and maintenance.

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