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Everyday our planet suffers from human’s usages of unsustainable methods of procuring power. At Solar SA, we work towards rectifying this problem by offering complete solar system solutions for homes, commercial spaces and industrial set-ups.

Our company was established five years ago by two passionate individuals – Dave Ritter & Michael Willoughby. Their aim is to install solar panels, inverters and mounting systems across Adelaide to make more properties have an eco-friendly power source. Under their guidance, we provide solutions to homeowners, real estate developers businesses and many others to reduce their electricity bills and reap long term benefits of using solar energy.

The advantages of using solar panels, inverters and mounting systems are many.

  • Zero energy-production cost
  • No impact on the environment
  • Economical in the long run

Eco-Friendly, Green & Economical Energy

Get The Latest And Premium Solar Panels, Inverters And Mounting Systems.

Due to our improved and advanced manufacturing facility, we provide our clients efficient and effective solar products across Adelaide, South Australia. Owing to better awareness about using sustainable energy, more and more people are installing solar panels and inverters in their homes. Additionally, commercial and industrial property owners are getting solar energy products to reduce their electricity bills.

Therefore, we are working hard to meet all these requirements as quickly and efficiently as possible. You can contact us at any time for some good advice and help and if you need Solar Experts in Adelaide. We will help you make your living space or office as eco-friendly as possible by setting up solar panels all over. This will also help you save on big power bills as you will have solar powered electricity throughout the year. You can call our staff and we will answer any questions you may have about the installation of the panels.

Want to know more about our solar panels and projects? Please get in touch with us now and ask anything you have on your mind. Our technicians are happy to help you! We want to make all your solar dreams come true and help you save as much on energy and money as possible so that you could benefit the environment as well.


Green Power Made Accessible To Everyone

Solar Sa Is A Reckoned Provider Of Complete Solar Solutions


Leaders Of Solar Energy And Systems

Multiple Residential, Commercial & Industrial Installations Every Year!

Australia has among the highest numbers of uptake of solar power in the world. More and more structures across the country have mounted solar panels to converse and use green energy to reduce electricity consumption and lower carbon emissions. At Solar SA, we are dedicated to providing complete and economical solar solutions to clients in Adelaide and expand our reach to South Australia and other regions of the nation. Thus, if you are looking for a reliable and credible to purchase solar products and make them a part of your structure, call us now!


Since our company’s inception five years ago we have made quality solar products affordable and accessible to numerous people & businesses.

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We understand the importance of having qualified, certified and experienced professionals on board for managing our projects and business operations.

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Expanding Our Reach For Solar Solutions

Choosing The Right Solar Solution For You

Since 1970, solar panels have gradually become parts of residential properties, commercial buildings and industrial units. They have enabled many to lower carbon emissions, get clean and sustainable energy and power their structures without spending thousands on electricity bills. Solar SA helped hundreds of clients make their properties eco-friendly and green. We have also helped them choose the right solar solutions to use the power of sun effectively and efficiently.

Thus, if you are thinking whether solar power is the correct choice for you, please give us a call. We will answer all your questions, as our mission is to raise awareness about the sustainable energy too. You can rest assured we will be upfront with you regarding the benefits of solar product installation at your home or place of business.


Get accurate assistance and guidance from some of the best solar experts in Adelaide, South Australia.

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    Key Benefits Of Going Solar

    By getting a solar system for your home, commercial space or industrial unit you can save thousands of dollars on electricity bills every year. Solar panels absorb sunlight to create direct current and solar inverters transform DC into alternate current. You can get the panels mounted as per requirement and space to lower your power consumption from an energy provider.

    Solar systems are known for their long-lasting and green power supply. Without solar systems you get a warranty of over 20 years to provide reliable and credible solutions to our clients. Thus, getting a solar panel, inverter or mounting system is a great investment for anyone. It is economical in the long run and will prove to a great investment.


    Since the industrial revolution, humans have come up with various methods for generating energy. Most of these methods affect the environment adversely and contribute to global warming due to high carbon emissions. Using solar energy is good for the environment as its carbon footprints are low and the source of getting power is clean.


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