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Powering your home, office or facility with solar energy is easier than ever. At Solar SA, we offer solar panels, mounts and inverters as per requirement of our clients. With us, get personalised solutions within your budget.

Our Process

3-Step Solar Installation Process We Follow


Understanding your requirements

We schedule meetings between clients and our solar experts to listen & understand the requirements. You can schedule a free consultation of 20 minutes first to learn more about our company. If you like our products & service details, we can move forward to inspection and planning. We are open to face-to-face or virtual consultations depending on what the client is comfortable with.

Inspection & Planning

By professionals with passion

To devise a fool-proof installation plan, our experienced technician schedules an inspect of the structure(s) and makes a complete report. In it a details plan for required products, mounting systems, and other things are mentioned. According to this report, we generate a complete installation budget and share the same with clients. After we get your consent and an advance payment, we move on the next step.

Installation & Programming

Meeting project deadlines always

Depending on the project scale, the installation process can take a few weeks or months. We plan it according to the dates and timings you share with us. Our technicians and solar experts arrive at the site and start the process to ensure the project is completed within a stipulated period. After the installation of mounts, solar panels and inverters, we manage the programming to establish DC to AC conversion for proper usage.


Australia has a booming solar industry!

Using Renewable Energy Is The Future Of Adelaide, SA.

Do you know the City of Adelaide is taking active measures to partner with leading solar power providers to meet its electricity requirements through renewable energy? Since you can get green and clean power through solar panels, it is the way forwards for homes, commercial spaces and industrial units.

If you are considering going solar, please get in touch with Solar SA now to explore solar products and services to understand your options. We guarantee to guide you expertly and ensure you can get the best solutions within your budget.

Optimised Solar Solutions

With modern tools, a state-of-art manufacturing facility and a team of certified technicians, we can optimise the energy consumption of your structure to ensure it can have sustainable power.

Residential Solar Solutions

Power your home round the clock without worrying about extensive bills and renewing plans. Solar panels at your house or unit can meet all your energy requirements without any hassle.

Commercial Solar Solutions

Power your shop, café, restaurant or any other commercial space with clean and green energy. Lower your electricity bills and reduce your carbon emissions with our solar panels & inverters.

Industrial Solar Solutions

Factories, warehouses, and other industrial structures have high power requirement that mean great electricity bills. But, not if you have a solar power system installed by us at your unit.


Let’s plan and install a solar power system at your residential, commercial or industrial property now. We offer a wide range of solar products and services in Adelaide at different price points.

Go Solar Now

We can schedule a free 20-minute consultation between you and a solar expert to start the process of you getting the solar solutions you need for having renewable energy at your residence or place of work.


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