Getting a solar system for the first time? We know you have queries and to help you, here are answers to some of the most frequently-asked questions. Have a look.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Solar panels are made with photo voltaic modules/cells that absorb the energy of sun. The star emits electromagnetic radiation that we can harness to make direct current.
The prime function of solar inverters is to covert direct current into alternate current which is used in homes, work places and industrial units. Inverters also store power for use any time.
Yes they can if you get mounts on roof tops or on poles. The mounts are made and affixed at spots where they can provide shade to the structure or area beneath them.
Since we offer customised solutions to our clients, we have a wide variety of panels and mounts in different grades and sizes. We can make them in sizes as required by clients on request.
To determine this, we will have an in-depth discussion with you and inspect your property. By understand your power consumption and property size, we can suggest the scale of the system.
Consider the widespread availability and manufacturing of solar panels, inverters and mounts, these systems are more affordable than ever. We can help you have a system within you budget.
Solar panels absorb sunlight and convert energy in abundance. The amount you don’t use in the day is stored and available for usage anytime the sun is not shining.
We have trained, qualified and certified electricians and technicians who have the necessary skills to install solar systems of any scale. They are accredited with the Clean Energy Council.
Yes we do! All our solar systems have over 20 years of warranty. If you buy our products independently, we offer variable warranties and options to extend them as per request.
You can schedule our technicians to service and repair solar systems installed by us throughout the year. We have variable AMC plans to ensure you can afford them whenever necessary.

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